30 March 2010

waaaaaaaaaxaholic, from whom the cards come rushing down the plains....

forgive me for channeling my inner rodgers & hammerstein.

this is another batch of cards that were scanned upon receipt and then promptly forgotten about.  apologies, captain.

2002 upper deck superstars brian jordan
upper deck took a shot at a multi-sport set in 2002.  while i didn't buy much of it, i do have a few relics from this set, including a gretzky/kobe/shawn green card.

2008 upper deck sp authentic authentic achievment jeff kent
celebrating kent's opening day home run in 2008.  he also homered on opening day in 2007, but that must not be 'authentic' enough to worry about.

2009 bowman russell martin - blue parallel thingy
a play at the plate!  it happened on september 18, 2008 at pnc park in the bottom of the 10th inning.  with the dodgers not yet having clinched the division, the score was tied at 3 with morgan on second and nate mclouth on first.  with one out, jason michaels hit a ball that glanced off of chan ho park's glove.  park picked up the ball and threw to second.  problem was, no one was there.  blake dewitt made a diving stop to keep the ball in the infield, and then he threw home in time to get morgan and preserve the tie.  the dodgers went on to win it in the 12th.  (thanks tony jackson!)

1981 fleer star sticker bill russell
'davy' lopes
and reggie smith
i think i have the complete dodger team now.  i paid no mind to this set back in 81 because stickers weren't cards!  now, though, i quite enjoyed seeing them in the mail.

thanks brian!


Captain Canuck said...

see? no bipping.

I still haven't recovered.

night owl said...

So, like, why did he send you my cards? I didn't bip him.

gcrl said...

these cards came prior to any bipping. i've had them scanned for a long time.

keep in mind though, once the bipping began, i was bipped first!


i am really looking forward to a post about the stuff i sent...