12 March 2010

indian cards giveaway bonanza!

as most of you know, david at indian cards... recently purged a bunch of cards from his collection.  i was the happy recipient of an 800 count box, filled with dodgers, twins, and blue jays (my 2nd favorite al team).

here is just a sample of the bounty i received.

1982 tcma baseball's greatest pitchers sandy koufax
this card is complete with creases and coffee stains, but it's koufax.  it needs to be celebrated.

2009 ud sp authentic chad billingsley platinum power
die-cut goodness.

1997 donruss elite hideo nomo checklist
celebrating nomo's no-no in 1996. you know, the one he threw against the rockies, in coor field, at the height of their offensive juggernaut.  also the one that bob dole claimed was thrown by a brooklyn dodger.  just before he fell off the stage.

2005 donruss champions kaz ishii jersey
this guy had more sp's and relic cards made than any other player i can think of for a couple of years.  big things were expected from him after what nomo did.  it didn't quite turn out that way, though.

1996 score sample raul mondesi
i'm pretty sure that's a sample card.  you have to know which subtle differences to look for to be sure, though.

2000 fleer focus raul mondesi
another rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul card as we transition, like he did, to the american league portion of the post.  always nice to see these dual-team cards.

1981 topps ken landreaux
another american league dodger, although this card precedes his tenure in la.  dude caught the final out of the 1981 world series.

2005 upper deck classics lyman bostock
i wish bostock would get more love from the card companies.

awesome cards! this package receives the 1990 topps tommy lasorda official 'i bleed dodger blue, and i approve of these cards' thumbs up!
thanks david!

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--David said...

Hahaha! What a fun trip through the cards i sent out! :-) Glad you liked them and have fun with them!