18 March 2010

paul molitor through the mail success!

although the 1978 topps set is my favorite to use for autographs, i didn't have a spare paul molitor rookie card to send out.  i did have a spare from the 2004 upper deck legends set, which is my second favorite set for ttm attempts, so i let 'er rip, c/o the twins.  fast forward about 8 months to a couple of weeks ago, and this beauty showed up in my mailbox.
molly was, at one time, my favorite non-dodger, and was always near the top of that list during his playing career.  i was happy to be able to see him play in person after i moved to minnesota, and am amazed at how well he played for them, even though he was on the wrong side (or close to it) of 40.  this is one of the few hall of famer ttm successes i have had that i didn't pay for, and i have to say, i wouldn't have minded if i did.

thanks paul!

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zman40 said...

Nice one. That means that there is still hope for me and the card I sent him last summer.