07 March 2010

more sunday morning target stuff

last week, i posted some cards from the 1990 target dodgers set and, while not the most interesting post i have done, i have a bunch more of these things scanned so i will subject you to them.  apologies.

here's tom baker
baker's nickname was 'rattlesnake'.  after pitching for the dodgers in 1935, 1936, and 1937, he was traded to the crosstown rival giants in time to be a part of their nl pennant winning team.  not sure if he was on the world series roster, but he did not appear in a game as the giants were beat by the yankees.

how 'bout ol' red barkley?
i'm guessing his nickname is red.  barkley, a shortstop, appeared in 20 games for the 1943 brooklyn dodgers, after previously playing for the saint louis browns and the boston bees.

here's an uer card of william brennan
he's listed as an infielder, but he was really a pitcher.  he appeared in 4 games for the dodgers, all in their world championship year of 1988.  after that, he was claimed by houston in the rule v draft and didn't appear in the majors again until 1993 when he was with the cubs.

the master of the high five, glenn burke
glenn burke was traded from the dodgers to the a's for bill north during the 1978 season. not known for his power (he hit just 2 career home runs), burke hit his first major league home run off of james rodney richard in 1977. it was the third solo shot of the inning that richard had given up (manny mota and dusty baker also went deep that inning).  baker's home run is significant because burke was on deck and he greeted dusty at home with a raised hand - giving birth to the high five, or so the legend goes.

i'll end this post with jim baxes
baxes played in a total of 88 major league games, all of them in 1959, and 11 of them with the dodgers.  he did pretty well for the dodgers, batting .303 with 2 home runs in those 11 games.  the dodgers acquired fred hatfield from cleveland in exchange for baxes, although hatfield never appeared in a dodgers uniform.  speaking of the dodger uniform, i suppose playing in only 11 games in 1959 would make it fairly difficult to find a photo of baxes in dodger blue, so that's why the target set shows him in his indians apparel.

besides, if we want to see baxes as a dodger, we still have his 1959 topps card
on second thought...

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John said...

I don't think there were any Targets back east in 1990, however the attempt to make this set and if any one would actually have a complete set would be amazing, I think there is about 1000 cards