13 March 2010

upper deck generation gap

i am a fan of current players on vintage card designs (topps heritage, upper deck vintage, topps allen & ginter, etc.), but not so much vintage players on current card designs.  take for instance the insert set from 2007 upper deck using their 1989 design.

roy campanella
don drysdale
jackie robinson
rod carew
ty cobb
lou gehrig
babe ruth
of the cards shown here, only the carew seems like it works, and i think that's because of the color photo.  the upper deck first base line just doesn't seem to mesh with the black and white photos.  to me, anyway. 

i also have a problem with the dodger logo used on drysdale's card.  true, they used a picture of him in his la gear, and so didn't screw up by using a brooklyn logo, but the interlocking 'la' that they did use is a mlb properties manufactured alternate logo created in the late 90's/early 00's to sell more hats.  drysdale never wore it or even laid eyes on it.

what do you folks think?


beardy said...

I just picked up a Frank Robinson from the same set. They just look weird with the black & white photos, and it seems like an anti-Upper Deck card. At the time, their photography was their strong suit.

mmmrhubarb said...

If the Carew card was in a Twins uni, THEN it works.