22 March 2010

more third base action

here's former dodger hubie brooks rounding third at shea, in a similar fashion to darryl strawberry.
i think it's from the same game.  the count on the scoreboard is 1 ball 2 strikes.  there are two outs.  in the bottom of the second inning, dwight gooden singled with runners on first (mark carreon) and second (brooks).  there were two outs, and the count was 1 and 2.  brooks scored, with carreon making it all the way to third.  sounds good, right?

well, there are a couple of problems.  first, it looks like the scoreboard shows the player 'ab' as number 2.  that's mackey sasser.  then, the player between first and second doesn't look like carreon, who wore number 45.  it looks like a single digit number (possibly number 2?).  then there is the fact that the second base umpire is in the photo.  eric gregg was the home plate umpire, not the second base umpire, in the july 21 game.  the rest of the crew was caucasian.

so, after a little digging, i found this.  june 30, 1991 against the phillies.  gooden pitching (which would explain the presence of photographers, perhaps).  mackey sasser batting with 2 outs, a 1 and 2 count, and runners on first (brooks) and second (kevin mcreynolds).  sasser doubles, with both mcreynolds and brooks scoring.  to top it off, eric gregg is the second base umpire.

case closed!


shanediaz82 said...

Wow, you're right, that was even more impressive than last week's!

paulsrandomstuff said...

Wow, I'm impressed. I always liked that card, but I was never motivated enough to try to figure out which game the photo was from.