11 June 2009

2009 topps series 2 ty cobb cereal box

i passed up a jackie robinson cereal box (in my pursuit of a jackie refractor, that would have been too obvious) and instead went with the georgia peach. let's see what lies within.

luke scott.what can you say about this card? psst. down here. gotcha!

derek jeter.a double play turn perhaps? with no base visible, it looks like jeter is doing hurdles instead. or, the ranger is kneeling at the alter of yankee captaincy. on another note my friend tom always refers to derek as 'past a diving jeter' - a jab at his lack of range. tom is a big fan of oh my omar! and has no place for overrated shortstops.

jason isringhausen

lyle overbay

josh beckett.beckett is appalled at the rankness of varitek's farts. check out the back - josh has won 677.2 more games than cy young. outstanding work, topps!

andy pettitte.

troy glaus.

pat neshek.

billy butler.

nick blackburn.

edinson volquez.

frank francisco.

former dodger dioner navarro.shaka nuka, bra!

yunel escobar.

mark ellis.

brian wilson.

bruce bochy.

barry zito. that's 3 giants in a row.

alexi casilla.

joakim soria.

esteban german.

eric chavez.

paul maholm.

rickie weeks.

hank blalock.

paul bako.

babe ruth career best legends.he once had 16 triples in a season.

paul konerko gold.with ajp lurking.

steve carlton legends of the game.the back text is all about his 1972 season when he was the winning pitcher in just under half of the phillies' victories.

pee wee reese turkey red.see! i am sure if i had chosen the jackie robinson box, i wouldn't have pulled this card.

chase utley toppstown.

kevin millwood.

dustin pedroia.

matt harrison.

tony larussa.

chris carpenter.

paul konerko.

placido polanco.a double play turn - it looks like jason kubel sliding into second.

chris davis.

greg zaun.

cliff pennington.

garret anderson.he looks weird in a braves uniform.

micah owings.nice form, but he forgot the baseball he's supposed to be throwing.

nate schierholtz.

cole hamels.

trevor crowe.

orlando cabrera.

ryan perry.

kerry wood.

desert power upton & young.

chris snyder.

jason marquis.

ramon hernandez.

francisco rodriguez.

daniel cabrera. once again, only the last 6 cards are horizontal.

and, the shiny refractor card is...

tyrus raymond cobb. maybe there would have been a jackie refractor in the jackie box, after all.
so, i still need the jackie refractor in addition to some base cards to complete my 2009 topps set - here's the list. help a blogger out, won't you?


Slette said...

You wouldn't want to get rid of ol' Jeter, would ya?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea Beckett was so good! Why does everyone bash Beckett in the blogs? He's obviously a better pitcher than they could ever be.

Oh wait, that's a different Beckett. Sorry.