24 November 2009

the fernando valenzuela card that should have been!

prior to the start of the 1991 season, the dodgers released fernando valenzuela. while only 10 years removed from 'fernandomania', el toro had posted an era of well over 4 in two of the previous three seasons. in addition, the dodgers had traded for bob ojeda in the offseason, so it wasn't much of a surprise when fernando was let go.

in a move that some saw as a marketing ploy due to the large hispanic population in orange county, fernando was picked up by the not-quite crosstown rivals, the california angels. after just two starts (and an era of 12.15 in 6.2 innings), he was released. the angels did sign him again that year, and sent him to the minors where he performed a bit better.

while his 1991 topps card is one of my favorites, i was a bit disappointed that there wasn't a 1991 topps traded card featuring him in an angels uniform. so, here is the card that should have been - the 1991 topps traded fernando valenzuela.

1991 topps is a tough template to manipulate, by the way.

the tigers signed him in 1992, although he played for jalisco in the mexican league that year. fernando would return to the major leagues with the orioles in 1993, and had a couple of decent years there and in san diego before retiring following his 1997 release from the st. louis cardinals.


RWH said...

It may have only been 6 innings of pitching for the Angels, but that's a sweet looking card. Great creation.

capewood said...

Nice work. A lot of moving parts on that Topps card to contend with.

Reivax said...

I know this is an ancient post, but do you have that picture in a bigger jpg? I really like it, did a great job on it! I was thinking to use it for a wallpaper.

gcrl said...

@reivax - i used the photo in this link

it's only a 500x400 image. the biggest image i have for the card i made is 700x522, and the photo is noticeably compromised. i will email it to you if you want though.