22 November 2009

wicked cards from wicked ortega

while i don't hear the term 'wicked' very much anymore, i did use it sometimes in my youth to describe something that was 'cool' or 'hip' or even 'groovy'. like these cards from alfredo at my past time...i love it. first is the trade bait that lured me in - a 2008 topps stadium club blake dewitt auto... alfredo also sent the dewitt base... and a bunch of other dodgers, like

2007 upper deck nomar garciaparra
will he play in 2010?

2009 upper deck x matt kempwill he improve upon his 2009 gold glove/silver slugger season in 2010?

1981 topps dusty bakerwill he lead the reds into contention in 2010?

2009 topps chrome orlando hudsonwhere will he take his gold glove in 2010?

2008 upper deck baseball heroes brad penny mustard parallel where will he take his first-half decency/second-half meltdown in 2010?

and, a 2009 upper deck 20th anniversary insert featuring the hhh metrodome it won't be doing much of anything baseball related in 2010, that's for sure.

thanks alfredo. glad you enjoyed the marlins i sent.

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