10 November 2009

jimmie hall through the mail success!

quite a while back, i saw on droidtrader's site that he had received a jimmie hall signed card through the mail. now, many of you know why i have been a jimmie hall collector and can guess that i quickly contacted droidtrader for mr. hall's address. he provided it, and i sent two cards off into the ether.

six months later, the former rookie home run record holder returned both cards signed. first is a 1965 topps cardand then a 1970 topps card.
while the 1970 card is his last, it's not a final tribute. he split the 1970 season between the cubs and the braves, who released after the season was over. if anyone has a photo of him in a braves uniform, please let me know - i would love to create a true final tribute!

i know that the twins have tried to bring mr. hall back for various functions, but he has chosen to stay away, which is his right. there are a lot of fans, though, that would love to see this two time all star return to the twin cities, including this one.

thank you mr. hall!


Captain Canuck said...

does this mean I can call you Jimmie now?

Greg said...

I have thought about sending some of my cards through the mail. Do you send them to the teams? or straight to the players? Do you send a self addressed envelope too? I was just wondering.

Greg said...