20 November 2009

david wells final tribute - the card that should have been

david wells ended his 21-year career in 2007 with the dodgers. he had been released by the padres in august of that season, and was picked up by la in the same month. while he didn't necessarily pitch any better (he posted an era above 5 for both the pads and the dodgers), he did win 4 of his 5 decisions as a dodger.

wells was featured in the 2007 topps update & highlights set, and, while he did get a 'year in review' card in 2008 topps update & highlights, he lacked a true final tribute in the 2008 flagship release. here then, is the 2008 topps david wells card that should have been:sans autograph. notice i used 'david', not 'boomer'. wells finished his career with a 6 inning winning performance against the giants. he struck out the final batter he faced, nate schierholtz. wells also singled and drove in a run in his next-to-last career at bat (he struck out in his final plate appearance). overall, wells won 239 games and struck out 2201 batters. he also won two world series championships - one with toronto in 1992 and one with the yankees in 1998.

here's to you david!

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deal said...

good call and a nice card. always been a Wells fan.