26 November 2009

giving thanks for through the mail successes!

it's kind of like mount everest. i sometimes send out ttm requests simply because the cards are there, and i know that the player will most likely return them signed. there's no dodger connection, although there's likely a 1978 topps card involved, or maybe it's someone i enjoyed watching in my youth.

in fact, i have a through the mail heirarchy for non-dodgers as far as cards go. 1978 topps is always the one to send. then 1976 or earlier vintage. 1979 topps, 1984 donruss, 1984 fleer, 1987 topps, 1989 upper deck and 1991 topps are next. regardless of the cards though, it's always cool to get a self-addressed stamped envelope in the mail. here then are a few of the players who have answered my requests, and for that, i am thankful (though there are many things for which i am more thankful).

roy howell on his 1976 topps

and 1978 topps cardi had successfully sent a request to howell a few months back. i enjoyed following his career since he was from the central coast, and even met him once at a hot stove dinner. he's living the dream in pismo...

sal bando on his 1976 toppsand 1978 topps cardsi followed the a's for a bit, although bando was gone by then. a very solid player on some very solid teams.

likewise, bert campaneris on his 1976 toppsand 1978 topps cardsthis took two tries, since campaneris only signs one at a time.

willie horton on his 1978 topps cardi should have sent the 1976 topps, too, since he is best known as, and still affiliated with, the detroit tigers.

1978 topps joe sambitoi had sent to sambito before because of the dodger stadium scene on his 1982 fleer card. then i found this 1978 card and off it went.

1978 topps bob watson

who also signed his business card. i don't think watson got enough credit for assembling the yankees' team that went on to win the world series in 1996. conversely, i think brian cashman gets too much credit. after paul depodesta was dismissed by frank (or was it jamie?) mccourt, i hoped that watson's name would come up as a possibility. i don't think it did.

kent tekulve on his 1978 toppsand 1979 topps cardshere's a guy i enjoyed watching. his delivery was so unique that it became a staple in my windup mimicry repertoire. he and luis tiant were the only non-dodgers included.

ed ott on his 1978 toppsand 1979 topps cardsi was hoping he would inscribe it with 'shortest name in major league history' or something like that, but he did not.

rick reuschel signed his 1978 toppsand 1979 topps cardsi remember seeing cards of him and his brother paul and thinking that anyone could be a ballplayer. reuschel pitched for a long time, and had some good success as a giant.

doug decinces signed his 1978 toppsand 1979 topps cardsi saw decinces play with the angels a few times. must have been tough in baltimore replacing brooks robinson. that mustache on the 1978 card could rival phil garner's. or lanny mcdonald's.

greg luzinski signed his 1978 toppsand 1984 donruss cardsthe bull included a flyer for his bbq sauce with the return.


zman40 said...

That is a good thing to give thanks to. Awesome cards!

MattR said...

that '76 Roy Howell cards looks familiar -- that's the card that my '76 Topps Blog is on today. :)

Play at the Plate said...

Great post...Kent Tekulve's T looks like his pitching motion!