21 November 2009

zhey zman, zthanks zfor zthe zcards!

i managed to find a couple of cards zach needed, and he repaid me by sending me a bunch of 2003 upper deck vintage cards i needed for my set. this is the set which ripped off the beautiful 1965 topps design. i couldn't wait for the 2014 topps heritage issue to see this design again, so i jumped into this set. here we are six years later, and i still need a few.

here are some (future and past) dodgers that zach included:

kenny lofton
andruw jones
juan encarnacionnot to give too much away, but i think each of these guys will figure in my next installment of the dodgers' evolution. stay tuned.

thanks zach!

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zman40 said...

Glad to help out. Thanks for the '81 Donruss cards.