14 November 2009

some non-baseball through the mail successes!

here are some recent ttm successes that were made possible by the good folks at topps who decided that not all baseball cards need to be cards depicting baseball players. while i enjoy the allen & ginter stuff (and completed the 2008 set), i can't say i am a fan of this trend.

first, from 2008 allen & ginter, we have the 1976 olympic decathelon gold medal winner, bruce jenner, who returned this in about 3 weeks.

so what if most people now know him as kim kardashian's step-dad. when i was a kid, bruce jenner was king. then he went on chips and was an even bigger stud.

i got these next two cards in the couple of 2009 a&g packs i bought and sent 'em off.

cat ostermanlike the troll and wicked ortega and others, this just arrived in my mailbox last weekend. we all know who she is, right?

and then there's jason wong, who signed and returned my card in about 2 weeks.he's the guy that broke the 2008 allen & ginter code.

thanks to all three of these folks for taking the time to sign.

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