11 November 2009

for veteran's day, the roy gleason card that should have been (and a ttm success!)

if you don't know the story of roy gleason, please go here. or here (if you are ok with plaschke and his staccato writing style). and here is a more recent story that includes some events alluded to in the first two. after reading those stories, you will know why i believe this is a 2007 topps distinguished service card that should have been: gleason did have a card made - from the 1990 target dodgers set:here's the back of that card, showing his career stat line, including the perfect batting average.for the record, gleason also scored 3 runs (2 as a pinch runner) in his short career. he made his major league debut as a pinch runner for moose skowron, and then made his final major league appearance as a pinch hitter (his first and only at bat) three weeks later, doubling off of dennis bennett of the phillies before scoring on an error made on a skowron line drive.

sgt. gleason was kind enough to sign and return a copy of the card to me.he kept a copy for himself, and also included a personalized/signed photo. thank you roy, and thank you for your service!


Rod said...

excellent post and thanks for the links. Al Bumbry also served in Vietnam being awarded a Bronze Star, but he didn't make it to the majors until after he returned.

zman40 said...

Awesome story! It's great that he appreciated the card, too.

Collective Troll said...

Cool card, great story and awesome ending!