18 November 2009

more cards from padrographs!

getting cards from rod at padrographs is always a treat. even though he is a pads fan, i know there will be some garveys and some dodger goodness. i wasn't disappointed with this latest package in the least. in fact, i may have a new favorite play at the plate card!

first, though, are these 1994 topps finest beauties.

pedro astacio whom i referred to as 'pistachio'. he is the pitcher i used when i played my only no-hitter on tony larussa baseball (pc version) circa 1996. i used to be a geek.

eric karros because it wouldn't be a mid-90's release without an eric karros card.

tim wallach one of the many stopgaps at third base post-penguin.

2009 topps american heritage jackie robinson in street clothes. no license needed for this, i don't think.

on to the garvey portion of our post. 1985 topps glossy all-star insert.

and 1986 topps glossy all-star insert.garvey reclaimed the starting spot at 1st base for the national league in 1984 and 1985. topps chose not to give him the regular all-star cards in the base set, though. stupid keith hernandez.

finally, a 1998 pacific crown collection wally joyner a play at the plate, in dodger stadium, with mike piazza lurking. or at least lunging. i love love love this card. i am going to guess that this was saturday, june 28, 2007, since it's the only day game in which joyner scored against the dodgers at chavez ravine in 2007. this would have been on a chris gomez single. awesome awesome card.

thanks rod!

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SpastikMooss said...

Whoa, Tony LaRussa blast from the past. I never got anywhere close to a no hitter, but the game was awesome!