13 November 2009

my three favorite autographs, thanks for asking dinged corners!

the ladies at dinged corners have asked folks to sound off on their three favorite autographs, so here i go. please note that there will be no variety or wide range of subjects. it will be dodgers, dodgers, and more dodgers. and 1978.

#3 is my well-traveled 1978 opc ron cey. one of the first cards i sent out through the mail, and the penguin did not disappoint.

#2 is my vin scully 1978 topps custom.nuff said.

no big surprise - #1 is my 1978 topps steve garvey.favorite card, favorite player, favorite auto. i have two of these - one i bought from kit young cards a while back, and one that i received through the mail, courtesy of the garv himself.

honorable mentions go to recent ttm returns like jimmie hall and roy gleason; on-card certified autos like kirk gibson
and maury wills, and old on-card in person/purchased auto from my youth like wes parker and jim brewer.those are the first autographed cards i ever owned - i picked them up at a card shop about 30 years ago and have treasured them ever since.

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Dinged Corners said...

Ron Cey made several lists! We would have freaked out if he hadn't made yours. :)

Love the Vin Scully.