04 November 2009

i've been tricked and treated!

thanks to dave at indians cards... i received my trick or treat envelope on monday. turns out, there were some tricks and some treats:

1996 leaf studio kenny loftoni'm not the only one to get this card of the future dodger speedster. trick, i say.

some kind of mega metal card of king diamondnever heard of him - he definitely didn't play for the dodgers, so again, i say trick!

three strange cartoon cardstrick, trick, and trick.

2006 fleer greats of the game harmon killebrewa 'killer' treat!

2006 fleer greats of the game rod carew decade greats insert

another twinkies treat!

thanks david!


dayf said...

I think the reason everybody is getting a Kenny Lofton card is that Kenny Lofton has played with every team in the league.

SpastikMooss said...

haha I got the Leaf Studio Kenny as well. I hope we all did...it's hilarious to me to think that we can all get a little piece of Kenny.

I know that if I ever do a trick or treat you guys will all get Fred McGriffs, so be prepared haha.

Rod said...

I got the Lofton card, one padres sticker and a whole bunch of checklist,