07 June 2009

you say gagne, i say gagne

the dodgers have had two mike marshalls, two ramon martinezes, and two dick schofields. they have had multiple davises (davii? - tommy, willie, eric), hoffman(n)s (jamie and glenn), guerreros (pedro, wilton), motas (manny, guillermo), robinsons (jackie, frank), youngs (matt, eric), along with many other players who have shared a last name. but the only dodgers i can think of that shared a last name and pronounced it differently are:

greg gagne (1997 upper deck collector's choice).
and eric gagne (2003 topps gold)
greg pronounced it 'gag-knee', while eric pronounced it 'gone-yay'. the difference, of course, was in eric's french canadian heritage. greg came from massachusetts, a place with it's own strange regional pronunciations (how does worcester become wuster?).

for a time, i held out brief hope that another quebecer, russell martin, would add to this exlusive group. the dodgers had a pitcher named tom martin a few years ago who pronounced his name 'mar-tin'. i had hoped that russell's upbringing would have resulted in his last name being pronounced 'mar-teen' or 'mar-tan' .

alas, it did not.


Anonymous said...

beautiful blog you've got here.

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Johngy said...

Too bad they never got Greg Gane (wrestler) to play for them.

Johngy said...

Kills the whole effect if I spell it wrong
Greg Gagne