02 June 2009

juan marichal in dodger stadium reeks of documentary

this 2009 topps heritage flashback card shows a young juan marichal warming up in the area in front of the dugouts at dodger stadium, prior to the use of the bullpens in the outfield. the field level scoreboards and good ol' union 76 sign are the dead giveaways here.

the card celebrates marichal's major league debut, in which he pitched a 1-hit shutout while striking out 12 batters. the lone hit was by clay dalrymple who pinch hit in the 8th inning. not a bad debut. wait, what's that? dalrymple was with the phillies in 1960? yes, that's true. marichal's debut was against the phillies, not the dodgers.

in fact, marichal didn't face the dodgers until his 7th start. he gave up 7 walks and 4 runs in 5.1 innings at dodger stadium, taking the first loss of his career. but i guess that wouldn't have made for as nice of a flashback card.

at least they didn't flashback to his final game, a 2.1 inning, 6-hit, 4-run, zero strikeout performance for the dodgers at dodger stadium.