15 June 2009

trading within the division

a while back, i asked if anyone wanted some diamondback cards. well, one person was brave enough to speak up, and we worked out a trade. this is one time when trading within the division paid off. here are some of the dodgers he sent my way in exchange for most of my travis lee, matt williams, and jay bell cards.

2007 upper deck spectrum nomar garciaparra. this is the first i have seen of 2007 spectrum. i'm glad i haven't seen it before. it's ugly. but, it's nomar!

1999 fleer update chance sanford. file this under who? sanford appeared in 5 games for the 1999 dodgers, after playing in 14 games for the pirates in 1998. curiously, all 5 of his games with the dodgers were against american league opponents.

2008 topps ring of honor duke snider. when i hear 'ring of honor' i think of the cowboys or redskins. i think that's what they call their players whose number have been retired. anyway, i finished reading 'boys of summer' and discovered that duke was a failed avocado farmer.

2000 upper deck mvp shawn green. i think this is his american league home run derby uniform. at any rate, this was one of the first cards to list green as a member of the dodgers. as much as i liked raul mondesi, i was really excited for green to be on the dodgers.

1993 fleer ultra raul mondesi.

speaking of raul, remember the time he went 30-30 to become the only dodger to achieve that feat? remember when he did it again? that was awesome.

1993 upper deck kids brett butler.with a dodger stadium background. walk softly and carry a big bat. butler didn't, although he knew how to bunt.

1990 topps rick dempsey. this set is a lot more tolerable now that it has been named 'the lichtenstein set.' thanks greg.

2007 upper deck masterpieces mike piazza this is kind of like the 1991 topps benito santiago card. except it's mike piazza, so that makes it better.

here's another piazza - a 1995 pinnacle checklist. classic fu-manchu.

thanks brian!

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night owl said...

You're welcome. '07 Spectrum? Who knew?