16 June 2009

more traded sets contest winnings!

a few weeks ago i won one of andy's contests over at traded sets. he sent me some dodger goodness.

2009 upper deck piece of history russell martin jersey.
better than a piece of shirt from 'the mask' or some other such piece of s#itory.

2008 topps russell martin year in review.
proof that russell did, at one time, hit home runs. not this year, not yet.

2009 upper deck goudey russell martin. the third and final installment in the russell martin portion of the winnings. this card is pretty nice. he doesn't look as one dimensional as some of the other cards i have seen from this set.

speaking of which, it's a 2009 upper deck goudey andre ethier.
greg the night owl has pointed out how bad the orange background makes exposed skin look. ethier's been dipping into someone's orange bronzing lotion apparently.

2008 (or is it 2009?) upper deck documentary vlad.
i can't believe upper deck is updating this set. the back is all about torii hunter, so they didn't bother to correct the disconnect between the photo and the actual game.

2008 topps brad penny.
one of the few cards that shows penny with his head turned. i know fernando used to look straight up at the start of his windup, but penny doesn't turn his head until he starts to bring his leg down.

2008 topps chad billingsley.
how do you say cy young in jive? sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.

finally, 2006 topps rookie of the week mike schmidt.
shouldn't they have just used the single player 1973 topps template, rather than make a single player card from the multi-player rookie card? i think so. at least they used an early photo of schmidt. i have the brooks robinson card from this set, and they used the 1978 topps record breaker photo shoot on a 1957 card. it looks like brooks was a 40 year old rookie.

i also won the 'jackpot' at andy's site, and i'll break down those packs in an upcoming post.
thanks andy!

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Andy said...

wtf? you're not posting the ron cey card i sent you?