06 June 2009

let's turn two with hall of famers sliding in

even hall of famers get forced out at second.

here's tony gwynn on greg gagne's 1998 upper deck card.i like how tony's looking back to first to see what happened on the back end. tangentially, i always thought the palm trees behind the fence at jack murphy were a nice touch.

ozzie smith (1994 upper deck collector’s choice jay bell). i like to think bell's knee to the face hurt more than ozzie's elbow to the kidneys. serves him right for taking niedenfuer deep.

rickey! (1994 topps felix fermin). not a particularly hard slide by the newest hall of famer.

robin yount (1993 leaf lance blankenship). lance looks like he’s bracing for impact.

ryno (1991 topps jose uribe).

i was a big sandberg fan. he was my favorite non-dodger for a long long time.

tony gwynn again! (2002 upper deck authentics rich aurilia). love those camo jerseys. looks like ud had it out for tony. although, if there were cards showing the gidp, steve garvey would be in trouble. he sure knew how to go 6-4-3.

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