12 June 2009

supercali-padrograph-ic expealidocious cards from rod!

rod over at padrographs sent me a bunch of dodgers, double plays, plays at the plate, dodger stadium shots, and even some much appreciated padres recently. just because. awesome.

1985 topps steve garvey autographed.
i choose not to think about garvey as a padre too much, but this card is much appreciated.

1987 leaf candy city team roy campanella.
a little research tells me that this card was issued for the special olympics. it's the same card essentially as the 1983 donruss hall of fame heroes set campy.

1989 bowman gil hodges.
one of those contest things disguised as an insert. not a bad idea, although issuing the 1989 set in the original bowman size was a bad idea. very bad.

here's another one - jackie robinson.
i've thought about trimming some off the top and bottom of these cards so they are more easily stored, but i haven't done it yet.

1990 upper deck eddie murray.
rockin' the hat under the helmet look. just like little league, although i don't see too many kids doing this these days. i am guessing it's because the helmets these days have better foam padding that more easily adjusts to their head sizes.

2002 upper deck piece of history steve garvey.
that's better. garvey in dodger blue. i really liked this set. today's piece of history, not so much. anyone else remember garvey being interviewed after the final game of the '81 world series as though he had won the mvp with cey and pedro? someone must have told the reporter the wrong steve, and he interviewed garvey instead of yeager. bad times for popeye.

1992 upper deck chris and tony gwynn.
one of two bloodlines subsets rod sent. this one had the brothers gwynn posing in beautiful dodger stadium. tony at one time tried to convince everyone that chris was the better hitter. obviously to no avail.

2009 topps attax clayton kershaw.
it is a crime that his curveball only rates an 82. unless that's on a scale of 1-10. then it's ok.

here's a play at the plate - 1990 upper deck benito santiago.
billy hatcher scores standing up. it looks like both teams are wearing their home whites.

here's a play at second base - 1996 topps stadium club tony gwynn.
the wizard of oz lurking and waiting for the ball. i'll guess that tony is safe.

1991 score paul faries.
i'll assume that he tried to tag the runner heading to second before throwing to first to complete the double play, although it looks like the ball was hit too softly for that to have happened.

1991 upper deck paul faries.
airborne to avoid john orton of the angels. is this a double play turn? maybe, maybe not.

here's a legitimate double play turn by faries on his 1992 topps card.
kevin mitchell bearing down, but it looks like faries has enough time to get rid of the ball.

1992 upper deck cal & billy ripken bloodlines.
here's the other bloodlines card. cal gets all the double play action while billy just looks on.

1991 score barry larkin.
another double play turn.

thanks rod! all of the cards you sent are much appreciated!


night owl said...

Trimming the cards, hmmmm ...

Andy said...

On the 1991 Score Faries card, that's Andres Thomas running the other way.

That Santiago/Hatcher card is puzzling because of the home whites on both guys. Odd.