28 June 2009

trading with rhubarb runner

i recently completed a trade with rhubarb runner, another twins fan who has left minnesota for the relatively humid free state of missouri. i sent a bunch of twins, he sent a smattering of needs. i think i got the better of the deal.

he sent me some dodger stuff i didn't know existed:

1991 line drive collect-a-book don drysdalei guess the 1990 set was so popular, they did a second set. really?

2000 pacific 7-11 gary sheffieldhow many slurpees did it take to get a sheffield?

he sent me some cool dodger stuff i knew about but didn't have:

1991 topps cracker jack eddie murraythese are so much better than the fake tatoos or whatever toy surprises they used to have in cracker jack.

1992 donruss cracker jack ramon martinezlooks like donruss wanted some of the action. too bad these aren't variations of the regular set, though.

he sent me a post-2000 twin:

2005 upper deck espn joe mauer.the next .400 hitter?

he sent me some stuff i needed from my set-building want lists:

1989 upper deck dale murphy/braves checklistit looks like dale got his teeth capped. no cavity creeps, that's for sure.

1970 topps jose pagan.
i am so close to finishing this set. so close.

ditto for the 1978 upgrade set. here's a 1978 topps ed ott.
a shorter name you will not find in mlb annals. ron cey comes close, though.

1978 topps jim colborn.the future dodger pitching coach with the cindy brady pose.

finally, he sent a card i knew about but didn't think i would be getting anytime soon, let alone in a trade for a bunch of twinkies:

1961 topps don drysdale
freakin' a. very nice.

that's some minnesota nice for you, even if it came from missouri!

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Anonymous said...

"relatively humid free state of missouri"

That's some pretty heavy snark there!

Hey, always a pleasure, glad you enjoyed them.