19 June 2009

slette the good times roll

another fantastic box of cards arrived the other day from eric slette of the pettitte pursuit. away we go!

1981 fleer derrel thomas
this card reminds me of two things. first, it makes me want to say 'looking good, billy ray!' second, it reminds me of thomas's only home run in 1980, which came on april 18 against ken forsch and the houston astros. thomas was the catcher that day (yeager and ferguson were both banged up iirc), and i was in the stands. typical game for me - sutton and ryan pitched the day before, and welch and jr richard pitched the next day. i got goltz and forsch. but i saw dt go deep.

1993 donruss billy ashley.
being a rated rookie, you'd think billy would know that swinging the bat vertically like that is not a good idea.

1975 topps bill buckner
the two dodgers i think of when i think of the number 22 are bill buckner and brett butler. did bob bailor wear 22 also?
1982 donruss rick monday.
mo is back in wrigley. the very first draft pick ever. and scott boras wasn't his agent.

2007 upper deck joe beimel.
apparently there was some level of 'beimel-mania' out west the last couple of years. i do like the fact that joe had a dodgers' bathrobe custom made for himself.

2009 topps randy wolf.
i'm hoping against hope that wolf's start last week was an aberration, rather than a beginning of the return to mediocrity.

1984 fleer steve sax
saxy's right arm is just a blur. who knows where the ball is headed, though.

2008 upper deck juan pierre season highlight.
this particular season highlight is pierre's leading the league in singles. again.
2009 topps pee wee reese legends of the game
it looks like they couldn't get the 'b' right on the helmets back then.
2009 topps roy campanella legends of the game.
campy just looks like a stud.

2009 topps ring of honor johnny podres
here, podres is correctly shown in la gear, as this card celebrates the dodgers' second championship in california which occurred in 1963. i more closely associate podres with the 1955 championship, though. speaking of which...

2009 topps ring of honor don zimmer.
zim is representing the 1955 dodgers here, so the brooklyn era photo is correct. nice work, topps.

1994 topps stadium club chan ho park.
interesting camera angle. park made his debut in 1994, appearing in relief in 2 games early in the season. i was at jack murphy the following year for his first major league start on the final day of the season. the dodgers had clinched the west the night before, so they let park loose on the padres. he pitched well, too.

2009 upper deck goudey brad penny.

a red sock. from a yankee fan. it makes sense.

eric also sent a bunch of twins, which may come in handy this weekend at the twins autograph party. i'll let you know how that turns out!

thanks eric!

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bob bailor wore 21