17 June 2009

culling dodgers from capewood's collection, part one

a while back i worked out a trade with cliff at capewood's collections. i sent him a bunch of astros and phillies, and he sent me a ton of mid 2000's dodgers. between 2003 and 2006 i didn't buy too much stuff. i would pick up a pack here and there, and dig through the bargain bin at the local shop once in a while for dodgers. so, a lot of these cards were new to me which was awesome. in fact, i'm still digesting the box cliff sent. here are a few of the goodies.

2004 upper deck legendary cuts tommy lasorda. while i enjoy this card, i am sure cliff hated pulling it. just as i would dislike pulling a bill virdon or danny ozark card.

2004 donruss team heroes joe thurston.
i had high hopes for thurston, but he kind of fizzled. he spent 2006 with the phillies and was playing well for the cardinals at the beginning of this season.

2004 playoff absolute memorabilia don sutton.
i love the fact that this card has the big '2004' on the front. sure, the absolute logo also has the date, but the foil sometimes makes it hard to read. when sorting cards by year it's tough sometimes to know by the copyright date on the back, so this kind of thing helps. thanks playoff!

next up, a joel hanrahan trifecta

2002 topps traded
2002 topps traded chrome
2002 topps traded gold
hanrahan has had a tough go with the nationals this year, but at least he's playing in the bigs. most of the guys from this set haven't been so lucky.

2002 leaf shawn green.
what do this card and romaine lettuce have in common? they're both leafy greens. ha! check out the dodger stadium outfield wall in the background. that's pee wee's retired number! these days it would be an adelphia sign or something like that.

next, a bunch of 2006 fleer cards that have me thinking about those sweet o-pee-chee variations.

tim hamulack.
danys baez.
bill mueller.
rafael furcal.
turning two! with pokey reese and eddie mathews!

2005 upper deck classics don drysdale.
big d looks pissed. i bet this pitch was a high and tight fastball.

let's end this installment with the penguin and his card from the same set.
thanks cliff!
round 2 coming up tomorrow!

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Slette said...

I like how the Fleer cards have Dodger players pictured in their Rays, Red Sox, Mets and Braves unis.