09 July 2014

it's time for the 2014 topps dodgers/2014 topps dodgers factory team set card by card comparison

i finished last year's post comparing the topps flagship cards to their team factory set counterparts (a year ago to the day) by asking 'what is the point' of these factory team sets?  here's hoping that there is more variation to the 2014 version.  it's topps flagship on the left, team factory set on the right.

adrian gonzalez
no difference other than the factory set is more like opening day - no foil for the names or the topps logo.

matt kemp
topps moved the logo on the factory set, for literally no good reason.

clayton kershaw

brian wilson
i fear that we have seen the biggest difference that this set has to offer.  the factory set features a much, much better version of wilson's card - the portrait orientation works a lot better.

kenley jansen
landscape works well for this card, so no need to make a change.  and, topps did not.

hanley ramirez
the pose is reminiscent of matt kemp's on his card, except here, topps left the logo in the busy spot.  it would have made sense to move it on this card.

yasiel puig
it's the same.

aj ellis

zack greinke
again, no difference.

carl crawford

josh beckett

chad billingsley

andre ethier

juan uribe

hyun-jin ryu

dan haren
logo displacement is no cause for me to continue to buy these sets.

dodger stadium
there's the last card of the set - the only one without a companion in the flagship.
it's nice, but it's pretty much the same view we had in last year's set.  topps had done a good job in 2008 and again from 2011-2013 offering a variety of views of the stadium.  maybe it's time for topps to add a manager card to the set (we still haven't seen donnie baseball in a flagship design yet), or give us a prospect (joc pederson?), or even, god forbid, put vin scully on a card.  come to think of it, that's probably what they will have to do to make me a buyer in 2015.

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P-town Tom said...

If they put Vin Scully in a set I think the prices for the Dodgers' factory set would sky rocket through the roof!