19 July 2014

a 2x3 heroes guessing game

jeff at 2x3 heroes sent me one of his plain white envelopes a while back, stuffed with a third of a nine-pocket sheet.  each of the three pockets had some cool cards in it, and jeff added a note saying 'guess which pocket was not from a nickel box.  let's see if i can figure it out.

pocket #1 - 1987 fleer fernando valenzuela all-star team insert
this was a tough pull for me back in 1987.  there's a steve sax card in the insert set, too.  this could have been more than a nickel

1985 fleer limited edition steve garvey
this card is from a boxed set, so it could go for more than 5 cents.

2004 topps all-time fan favorites steve garvey
all-time fan favorite cards shouldn't be selling for a nickel.  especially ones with steve garvey on them.

pocket #2 - 1990 pacific baseball legends steve garvey
garvey in a dodger uniform is worth more than a nickel

2001 upper deck decade 1970's steve garvey
i wonder if upper deck ever had plans to do a 1980's set like this.  they could have used a modified 1983 topps design and made cards of guys like dale murphy and orel hershiser.   i would have collected that set, just like i did with this one when it came out.

2013 topps hanley ramirez chasing history insert
it's not the foil version, so it could be in a nickel box, i suppose

pocket #3 - 2013 topps mini adrian gonzalez
miniature dodger stadium background action available only online.

2014 topps gypsy queen yasiel puig
a short print of the dodger right fielder

2014 topps gypsy queen yasiel puig glove stories insert
one of puig's two cards in this insert set

ok, i think it is pretty obvious which pocket did not feature cards from the nickel box.  puig is still in the cases at the card shows, and i'm hoping that he plays well enough to keep his cards under glass for a long time.

thanks for the cards jeff!

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