16 July 2014

1990 topps cards that should have been of 1978 topps dodgers

there was only one, as far as i can tell.  i couldn't come up with any reason, even remotely, that there should have been a steve garvey card issued by topps in the 1990 set, except perhaps as part of the turn back the clock subset.  hmmmmm.

anyway, here's the card i missed the most from the 1990 topps set - the tommy john final tribute card that should have been!
here's the back with lots of tiny text
john finished his career with a start in new york just a couple days after his 46th birthday.  he went 5.1 innings that day, allowing 5 runs, and didn't factor into the decision.  he fell 12 wins short of 300, but amassed 164 of his 288 victories after returning from his landmark surgery.  there are only 7 men who started more games at pitcher than john, although only one of them (nolan ryan) pitched in as many or more seasons than did john.

furthermore, only two pitchers have won more games than john in the modern era without being elected to the hall of fame, and i would imagine that eventually roger clemens and randy johnson (who will be eligible for the first time next year) get in, leaving john as the winningest non-hall of famer of the modern era. it was a heckuva career.

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Tony L. said...

I just finished up a megapost on my 1982 Topps blog about John. I think he should be in the Hall.