10 July 2014

yeah jetes!

i picked up some 2014 topps allen & ginter yesterday afternoon from the local target, and one of the first cards i encountered was this one of the retiring yankee captain.
i did not make it out to see jeter when the yankees were here last weekend, but i've seen him play a few times over the years.  by the time he retires, he should be sixth all-time in hits.

i only got one regular mini of a ballplayer - this one of junior lake
instead, i received a black bordered randy johnson
since i shopped at target, i also received a three-pack of gold-ish bordered parallels - ryan howard
george kell
and grant balfour
meh meh and meh.

here's a base and mini of one of the non-ballplayer subjects, glen waggoner
one of the creators of rotisserie baseball, he is responsible for the time suck that i devote myself to each spring.

i pulled one of the outlaws, bandits, and all-around ne'er do wells mini inserts - bonnie and clyde
speaking of ne'er do wells, the lone short print i found was this one of the giants' hunter pence
topps also made him a short print in 2014 heritage.  that's ok with me - the fewer giants cards the better.

my favorite cards of the packs were the pastime's pastimes inserts that fall 1:2 packs.  i pulled three of them, including this one of stephen strasburg
these are nice cards.  i might consider putting together this insert set, but i won't chase anything else out of this year's ginter.

let's bring this post back to jeter - here are three double play cards that i've not shown yet from the collecton.

1998 fleer sports illustrated then and now
1998 upper deck sp authentic
and 2005 topps opening day
i seem to have pulled a lot of his cards over the years, and if i am buying packs next year, i am sure it will be hard to avoid them then as well.


Play at the Plate said...

The Air Supremacy set is one I have to have this year.

Duane said...

I am always looking for minis....if you want some dodgers for the minis you dont want...let me know!!

Susan Lulgjuraj said...

Yay, Jeter!