12 July 2014

double plays haze

i am almost caught up with my double play collection.  i am hoping to have them all scanned, logged, and posted before 2014 topps update comes out and adds to the seemingly never ending stream of cards showing the double play turn at second base.

here are some that i have recently acquired or discovered in the bowels of my collection

2011 topps marquee ian kinsler
ichiro out!

2014 bowman ian kinsler
josh donaldson out!  kinsler photoshopped!

2011 topps marquee brandon phillips
i spy a sparky anderson memorial patch

2014 topps chase utley
we've seen this image before

2014 topps josh rutledge
one of two rockies to turn two in series 2.

2014 topps dj lemahieu
i'm guessing that it's alexi amarista that was just forced at second based on his small stature.  of course, lemahieu is 6'4" which makes amarista (5'6") look even smaller

2009 topps update gregorio petit
somewhat the reverse of the lemahieu card - i don't know who that is sliding in, but he looks humongous next to the petite petit.

2005 upper deck marcus giles
horizontal lines work well with horizontal card orientation

1998 upper deck collector's choice kevin stocker
former dodger garey ingram out!

1998 upper deck collector's choice neifi perez
hall of famer ryne sandberg out!

1998 upper deck collector's choice jeff kent
kurt 'what's that' manwaring out!

1998 topps stadium club delino deshields
that's a nice card, although i prefer the royce clayton card from that set a wee bit more

1994 topps stadium club joey cora
this guy keeps showing up with double plays.  it's got to stop at some point, right?

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