26 July 2014

a more than just so-so trade

back in a game i was watching in the late 1990's, vin scully commented while the dodgers were playing the cubs that the white sox must have thought a certain player to be only so-so, when in fact, it turned out that he was sosa!  a corny joke, but vin gets a lot of leeway from me.  anyway, i recently received a card of that so-so player in the mail from p-town tom at waiting 'til next year.
it comes from 2002 topps 206, and is a series 2 team 206 insert.  i'm working on the base and insert set, which is why i was sent the card.  it is much appreciated.  tom included another card - this 1975 (some say 1976) sspc card of dodger hitting instructor mickey vernon
vernon was a two-time batting champion for the washington senators, and happened to be the favorite ballplayer of president dwight david eisenhower.  after retiring as a player, he coached for a few teams, with the dodgers being one of them.

i wasn't expecting the vernon card, so it was a nice surprise.  it makes me wish even more that topps would produce cards of coaches again, and that donruss had included some of the dodger coaches in their early 1980 sets that had a few other teams' coaches in them.

i also received my return pwe from topher at crackin' wax.  for a one cent donation, i was able to choose some cards from his 'take my cards' page.  i wound up with a couple of dodgers from 1978 1987 2014 donruss.

adrian gonzalez
and zack greinke
i grabbed a couple other cards for trade bait/trade fodder, and i'll be checking back to see what other cards topher has for me to take.

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P-town Tom said...

I enjoy the simplicity of the fronts of the SSPC cards. They could used as fantastic flash cards if you wanted to learn all of the players faces and names!