14 July 2014

a royal memorial for jrb (and jhb)

joe burke began his big league career in the front office of the expansion washington senators in 1961, and became the team's general manager after they moved to texas and became the rangers.  he joined the royals as their gm in 1974, and worked for the team until his death in may of 1992.  following his passing, the team added his initials to their right sleeves for the remainder of the season as a memorial.

here's brian mcrae's 1993 leaf card which shows the 'jrb' patch
as does juan samuel's 1993 score select card
which also features a double play turn on the back!

here's the card that is in my memorials binder - the 1993 upper deck george brett iooss collection card
you'll notice that brett modified the patch to include an 'h' - that is in honor of his father, jack h. brett, who also passed away in may of 1992.

burke was the royals' gm during their successful mid to late 1970's run in which they reached the alcs three years in a row (1976-78), and also in their 1980 american league championship season.  he was promoted to team president in 1982, and oversaw the team's 1985 world championship.  he remained the team's president until his death from cancer at the age of 68.

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