11 July 2014

i do have some newer stuff, too

earlier today i showed (mostly) some vintage duke snider cards.  and, while my vintage needs grow smaller (in theory), topps and others keep churning out new dodger cards.  i've obtained quite a few of those recently.

2014 topps clayton kershaw spring fever
which has a different color palette than the 2014 topps hanley ramirez spring fever card
which is great, because variety is the spice of life.

here's a 2014 topps gypsy queen clayton kershaw 'debut all-stars' insert
cheers to topps for going back and using a photo of kershaw from the 2011 all-star game, his first.

jeers to topps for using a photo from 2011 on this 2014 topps league leader card
that was the last dodger card (not counting the short prints i am ignoring this year) that i needed for the series 1 team set.

on to series 2, which includes this kershaw cy young award winner card
now for a couple of cards from 2014 topps opening day - adrian gonzalez
and matt kemp
kemp's base card in this year's topps flagship set didn't come out until series 2, but it was so familiar to me when i first saw it that i was momentarily confused.  anyway, i pulled the gold version from a pack
which is always nice

zack greinke makes an appearance thanks to 2014 topps archives

and here's kemp's card from this year's archives.
i think that photo is the same one (or very similar) to the one topps used on a short print variation of the bison last year.

matt kemp cards abound!  here's his 2014 bowman card
and hanley's too!
yes, i bought a multi-pack of bowman, and didn't do too badly as far as dodger ratios.  here's a bowman chrome prospects card of brandon trinkwon
and a bowman prospects purple parallel of bobby coyle
trinkwon was a 2013 draft pick while coyle was taken by the dodgers in 2010.

here's julio urias' 2014 bowman prospects card
this guy is kind of a big deal.  he's only 17, and is was recently ranked as the 13th best prospect in the game.  just another lefty pitcher from mexico for the dodgers, speaking of which

here's fernando valenzuela's 2014 topps archives short print
if only there had been a 1980 topps traded/update set, we might have seen that card 34 years ago

here's another dodger short print from this year's archives - dusty baker
that's a card that easily would have fit into the 1980 set.  well done.

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Nick said...

Those "Spring Fever" cards look terrific. I have yet to see any in person.

P.S. -- Thanks for the awesome package! It arrived yesterday. I'm already pulling cards to send back your way.