24 July 2014

the decline of western civilization began sooner than i had previously thought

just about five years ago, i mentioned seeing this card in 1988 and being frightened by what it meant for the future of stirrups.
at the same time that 1988 topps george hendrick card was released, we also received this fantastic 1988 score bert blyleven card
which celebrated the stirrup such that the new twins logo was fully visible.  and, a year later, we were treated to this 1989 score rookies and traded jerry reuss card
with nicely striped stirrups complementing the white sox uni.

i must have completely blocked out the memory of hendrick's 1984 donruss card
because he was wearing the long pants at least as far back as 1983.  the horror.


Fuji said...

Damn you George! Look what you've started.

JediJeff said...

Death to pajama pants. At least Josh Outman knows how to blouse his uni.

Stack22 said...

No stirups and the flat rim hat have always been a fashion statement.

I remember even in Little League, for a lot of kids the flat brim cap and lack of stirups was a clear fire way to let the world know that you were proud of your hard working single mom.