05 July 2014

craig biggio vs. royce clayton in a double play showdown

i can't seem to stop finding cards of craig biggio and royce clayton which feature double play turns.  this post will exhaust the ones from my scanned folder, but i am sure there will be more.

1995 score biggio
i'm not sure biggio got the relay throw off on this one. twice on july 9, 1994 the astros attempted to force mark parent at second (they were successful once), but both times the batter was safe at first.  i will guess, based on the direction that the throw seems to be coming from, that this was the attempted force in the first inning on an anthony young bunt.  both were safe.

i have no idea about the dp shown on royce clayton's 1994 upper deck sp card
other than he definitely made the relay

1996 upper deck biggio
the astros are back at wrigley

1998 pacific omega
as are the cardinals

1998 fleer sports illustrated then and now biggio
and 1998 upper deck collector's choice biggio
pretty sure that's the same play from two different angles

1999 fleer ultra clayton
now he's with the rangers

biggio is back in philly on his 1999 upper deck card
where he's stepping on helmets

clayton wins this round thanks to his 1998 topps stadium club card
that is a double play card nicely done.

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Nick said...

Those are some sweet double dips. I need to find a copy of that '95 Score Biggio.