02 July 2014

let's hear it for the gold, white, and blue and the few nomar cards featuring him as a dodger

from the non-filed boxes of cards i've found some cards for my non-red sox nomar collection.  i started the collection when he was traded to the cubs, not knowing that he would sign with the dodgers prior to the 2006 season.  at that point, collecting nomar cards really just became part of collecting dodger cards.  unfortunately, he chose not to sign with topps after 2006, so there aren't as many cards of him wearing dodger blue as i would have liked.

anyway, here are a few of the too-few cards that feature nomar as a dodger that i recently rediscovered. 2006 bazooka came in gold chunk
regular white
and a blue parallel
plus, they all came with a terrible photoshop transformation of cubs apparel into non-existent dodger duds.

this is a 2008 upper deck piece of history timeless moments insert
the back of which is all about a two-homer game he hit for the bosox in 1998.  at least he's actually wearing dodger duds here, and we get to see his signature red sweatband.

this last one is a 2006 upper deck national card from the annual convention
that's more like it.  can't go wrong with the home whites.

and now i have no more nomars in my scanned folder.

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Mark Hoyle said...

Nomar always a favorite with the Sox