14 June 2014

double play deja vu

i was looking through my 2003 binder recently when i noticed that topps took the photo that was on eric riggs' 2003 traded
and chrome traded
cards, and slapped in on his 2003 topps total card, too.
it's a nice double play turn, and the design of total gives us the most complete look at it, but it looks like topps felt a little guilty about recycling the photo, as they 'painted' a stripe on the outfield wall to try to make it look a little bit different.

now, in 2014, topps gave us this chase utley double play turn in their opening day release (series 2 version coming soon)
and then shrunk it down on a 2014 gypsy queen mini variation
they didn't modify the modell's ad on the wall, though.

here's a rod carew card from 2008 topps triple threads
that uses the same photo from a topps archives fan favorites release

so what? topps using the same photos over and over is not news.  i'm just trying to show some double play cards here.

here are a couple of cards featuring kaz matsui that use different photos, thank goodness.  this is his 2008 upper deck first edition card
and this is a 2010 bowman card
here's hanley ramirez on his 2011 topps marquee card
and i'll bring this post to a close with a pair of cards from 1996 upper deck collector's choice - royce clayton
and arquimedez pozo
believe it or not, i still have about 50 or so double play cards in the collection that i haven't shown here yet.  i'll keep trying to get there...

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Nick said...

Love the added bubble bonus on the Clayton.