22 July 2012


this card made me laugh when i first saw it.
hank conger goes beyond the role of lurker on torii hunter's 2012 topps card - he's in full blown photobomber mode.

erick aybar also has a guest on his 2012 topps card, but that's because he's turning two.
hello alexei ramirez.

i'll take this opportunity to hijack the post and show some more double play cards i located while trying to make an exhaustive listing of such cards in my collection.

2012 topps opening day ian desmond
hello, jason heyward.

2011 topps update brandon crawford
hello freddy sanchez and pete kozma.

2011 bowman dan uggla gold parallel
hello leg of unknown origin.

2004 upper deck legends timeless teams dick mcauliffe
you are following the timeless teams blog, right?  when i first saw this card i though mcauliffe was pitching because of the location of the player behind him and the fact that the player sliding in was obscured.  but no, he's turning two.

1997 topps wil cordero
hello mid-90's royal player.

1996 topps jeff blauser
hello ron gant.

1994 topps rafael belliard
that's a marlin sliding in.  i hope it's gary sheffield because whoever it is, he's out and has to go sit in the dugout now.

i'll finish with a 1994 upper deck joey cora card
cora's gone all john pacella on us thanks to brian mcrae's slide.

don't worry - there are plenty more double play cards yet to be featured.  i know you can't wait to see them.

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