14 July 2012

giants cards can be useful

i believe the dodger/giant rivalry to be a bigger deal than yankees/red sox or cubs/cardinals or twins/brewers or whatever other manufactured rivalries that bud selig wants to try to peddle.  growing up in southern california, we disliked all things about no-cal, and the giants were at the top of the list.  these days, i count san francisco as one of my favorite cities to visit, but i still dislike the giants.  so, you had better believe that i was more than happy to send some cards featuring the san francisco nine out of my collection, and in return receive some pretty cool dodger cards.  it's all thanks to arpsmith, whose cardboard obsession focuses on the dodgers' foes, and who was kind enough to agree to trade with someone who bleeds dodger blue.

here's a 1959 topps card featuring johnny podres, clem labine, and don drysdale.
in 1959, podres was 3-0 against the giants, with a 2-hit shutout in one of the games.  labine, meanwhile, was 1-0 with 2 saves in his appearances against the giants, while big d was 4-2 in 7 starts versus san francisco.  no wonder a giants fan was willing to part with it.

i also received a former nefarious 9 card - a 1984 fleer tom niedenfuer
as is often the case in our little community, i needed one of these and now i have an extra as i also received a copy from mrmopar recently.

there were some pretty big cards in the package, too.  literally.  like this 1988 topps big mike davis card
along with his oversized 1989 bowman card
but, as much as i appreciate the walk that mike davis earned in game 1 of the 1988 world series, he was not even the best davis in the package.  that honor goes to willie davis, who appears on tony gwynn's 1992 pinnacle 'the idols' subset card
i know i have shown that card before, but it is so cool that i wanted to show it again.

arpsmith also noticed that i am still trying to finish my 2008 upper deck timeline set, and he moved me a couple of cards closer to that goal.  he sent along a jay bruce
and a prince fielder card
and also included an andre ethier jersey card
ethier returned to the lineup last night, as did matt kemp.  so, it makes sense to close with a kemp card, like this 2012 topps heritage new age performers insert.
thanks for the trade arpsmith!


Bo said...

Unless kids in the 70s were walking around LA with shirts that said "SF sucks," Dodgers/Giants wasn't as big as Yankees/Red Sox".

night owl said...

Which rivalry is bigger?


I just fell asleep. Who cares?