09 July 2012

more like 'kraft monstrous home runs'

reader david offered to send me some cards recently, including one of the 'nefarious 9' - a 1994 kraft singles mike piazza
i guess i wasn't buying a lot of processed cheese slices back in the mid 1990's, because if i were, i would not have needed that card.  kraft did it again in 1995, and david sent that one to me as well.
these non-licensed cards actually look ok when it's a catcher being featured, thanks to all the gear that hides the team logos.  take a look at this 1996 leaf steel piazza card that david also included
you can't tell that leaf has the license, but kraft does not.  back to the kraft cards, i know why they put sluggers like piazza in the set, but i hope that at least someone in the marketing meetings spoke up and suggested including bip roberts or kenny lofton or brett butler in the set.  actually, my point is moot because i just checked and tony gwynn led the majors in singles in 1994, and he's in the set.  let's move on.

there were also some more recent cards in the package, like this 2012 topps gypsy queen card of matt kemp
david was kind enough to note that this is the sp version of kemp's card.  very helpful.  i have not purchased any gypsy queen this year, and i don't think i bought any packs last year either, so it's nice to get them in trade or just out of kindness.

there was also this clayton kershaw with the gold frame border
it's quite fancy.

i also got my first look at the 2012 topps stickers, thanks to david
pretty sure those are all images that topps has used on other releases.

thanks for reading david, and for sending me the cards.  and also, i suppose, for eating cheese.  it's all very much appreciated.

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