29 July 2012

is the 1979 topps set binder-worthy? please advise.

as you might know, i am working on updating my 1979 topps set.  i wasn't too careful when i put the set together for the first time as i was only 8.  anyway, i am wondering what the general feeling is towards this set.  to me, it's not the greatest.  i didn't get that same feeling that i did when i was opening packs of 1978 topps, but i still opened a ton of packs.  as a young collector, i put a dodger team set in a binder and boxed up the complete sets.  later, i started putting doubles of star cards in a binder, too.  but the sets stayed in boxes.

today, i have a few sets in binders.  1978, of course.  1978 o-pee-chee as well.  1977 topps and o-pee-chee.  1970 topps.  1973 topps.  1976 topps.  partially completed 1971 topps and 2003 upper deck vintage sets.  plus, 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams, 1999 upper deck century legends, and a few more upper deck issues from the early 2000's that focused on retired players.

i've considered putting 1991 topps in a binder, but that's about it.  anyway, the question here is - should i put my upgraded 1979 topps set in a binder?

here's what the first page would look like.
dave campbell would exist among greatness (and a couple of one-year anomalies).  before you answer, consider that if the set weren't in a binder, i don't know that i would ever gaze upon two of my favorite cards from the set - pedro borbon
with the phillies' bullpen cart in the background, and the giants' team card
full of dysfunction (love the bob knepper (39) lean and the fact that rob andrews (21) is kneeling out in no-man's land).  not quite as much as the 1978 phillies team card, but close.

please sound off in the comments, and who knows?  i might take your advice.


Spiegel83 said...

You seem to be a good set collector and sets probably look better in a binder. Go for it, it will be more presentable when you scope through the set.

night owl said...

My '79 Topps set is in a binder and it's nowhere close to completion.

I'm with you in my feelings for it. It's nothing great (the pink the Dodgers were stuck with doesn't help). Outside of 1970, it's probably the least appealing of the decade.

Captain Canuck said...

dave campbell needs to be bindered. otherwise he'll get distracted and start drawing ponies.

what? oh. yeah.

put the '79's in a binder. after awhile of gazing at the pages, you'll appreciate the set more. it'll grow on you.

Matthew R said...

This was the first year I bought the complete set instead of trying to collect it from packs. For some reason this set didn't do much for me. Perhaps it's the grainy photography on some of the cards. I'd recommend putting the set in a binder. Otherwise you will probably never look at it.

MrMopar said...

I like the set for it's simple design and a load of great 70s action shots, like the Tommy John and Pete Rose cards for instance. It is what it is though, the beginning of an era of overproduced cards that everyone owns. Nothing wrong with that though...it is still better than 1984 Topps.

I'd binder it if that is how I had other similar era sets. I don't have any sets in binders, but I would like to. I just don't want to buy all the sheets.

hiflew said...

I am of the opinion that EVERY Topps flagship set is binder-worthy. Boxes are great for smaller sets, Pinnacle products, and trade bait. However, the Topps flagship deserves a binder if anything does.

Jess said...

I like that set. I'd definitely put it in a binder if I had a complete set!

1967ers said...

My 79 OPC set got bindered.

If you put it in a binder, the odds are better that you'll flip through it from time to time. This rarely happens with sets kept in boxes.