07 July 2012

a little less saxy

dave sax had exactly 10 at bats to his credit when he was given a card of his own in the 1984 donruss set.
it's a nice yet boring card, featuring dodger stadium's left field corner as a backdrop.  

dave sax, the brother of 1982 rookie of the year steve sax, was hitless in those at bats, spread out over two september call-ups in 1982 and 1983.  dave sax spent all of 1984 in aaa albuquerque, and was granted free agency once that season ended. it was a rare case where the dodgers held on to the right brother (see martinez, pedro and ramon).

dave sax moved on to boston, where he had some decent success (a .320 average over parts of three seasons).  he appeared in 4 games for the american league champs in 1986 (and swatted his lone career home run that year), but was not part of the team's postseason roster.

i am thankful to donruss for creating this card, as i believe it is his only one, other than the sga card from the 1990 target dodgers comprehensive set (nope, i'm wrong - he has a card in the 1986 topps set).  anyway, donruss didn't make dave sax out to be a 'rated rookie', either.  he's just hanging out in the meat of the set (he's card number 519) with negligible stats on the back.  you didn't see that too often back then - certainly not in topps sets unless it was an expansion year (like 1977).  

i was going to add some steve sax cards to the post, but i think i'll let dave hold the spotlight - something that he didn't get while he was with the dodgers.

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steelehere said...

Dave has a 1987 Donruss card as well.