02 July 2012

the problem with young people is...

...they don't know their history.

not many things make me feel older than knowing baseball fans who don't have any idea who steve garvey is.  my son, for example.  i noted earlier this season that the topps folks who put together the 2012 gypsy queen relics seemed to think that garvey was a pitcher.  not once did he take the mound in his career.  who are these whippersnappers who create baseball cards for players of my youth, but don't know the first thing about them?

with topps series 2 out, garvey has a few more cards to be had.  i waited a while before picking up this manufactured pin/relic thingy, and was pretty surprised when it showed up and i saw that garvey is listed as an outfielder.
in defense of topps, garvey played in the outfield in the early part of the 1973 season, for a total of 9 games.  those were the only games he ever left the infield dirt.  in fact, shortly after his lone stint in right field, he was moved to first base for good.

since the card is a celebration of the dodgers' 1981 world series championship - a team on which garvey  appeared in every game and played first base exclusively, i will go ahead and assume that someone at topps needs to learn their history.  or at least check out baseball reference.



Robert said...

Garvey in the outfield? He never struck as someone having the foot speed to play out there. None the less, nice pickup!

Jeff Wilk said...

I can't think of Garvey any place but first.

night owl said...


GCA said...

Reminded me of this site. This guy's hilarious.