27 July 2012

repetitive balance

i was looking through the nice stack of cards i received from cards on cards (this was quite a while ago - sorry madding for the delay in posting the cards) when i noticed something peculiar.  there were a few 1999 bowman cards in the package, and they all had something in common, other than the dodger blue.  let's take a look.  first up, adrian beltre.
ball is struck, and he's ready to start moving out of the batter's box.  here's raul mondesi's card:
ball is struck, and he's ready to think about half-assing it down the line.  how about eric young?
he's got more of the beltre pose going on - ball is struck, and he's ready to start running.  not to be outdone, here's gary sheffield's card
at least the photographer is on the other side of the diamond, but we still get the one-legged balancing shot.  obviously nobody looks at a set from a team collector's point of view to make sure there is a decent variety of photo types.  we've known that since the 1950's, although it's interesting to see the repetition with in-game action shots.  it's also nice to see dodger stadium in the background (of the non-beltre cards, anyway).

i also received a nice 2011 topps update diamond giveaway with a 1961 sandy koufax card on the front
believe it or not, i think i have all of sandy's topps cards from 1959 on.  plus, i picked up a 1957 topps koufax at a card show recently.  my loose goal of completing the 1960's dodgers topps team sets this year is looking like it might really happen.

welcome to the blog, rick auerbach.
that 1974 topps card is the first card of his that i have shown in the almost 4 years that i have been doing this.  i know i have mentioned him a few times, however, as he spent much of 1975 as the team's starting shortstop after bill russell was injured, and he was later traded for hank webb, who became a member of the 1977 dodgers - what i consider to be one of the two teams of my youth.  unfortunately for dodger collectors everywhere, auerbach was completely left out of the 1977 topps set.  i forgot that when i made some 1977 cards that should have been.  maybe i'll go back and correct my oversight someday.

here's a 1985 topps ken howell card
and a 1991 leaf gold rookies henry rodriguez card
not much to say about either one of those, although it is different to see those vero beach trees at twilight.  and, oh henry! looks like he's playing some first base there, although i remember him more as a dodger left fielder.

here's a pretty snazzy looking 1995 upper deck sp delino deshields card
in addition to the blue wall of the dodger stadium outfield, i like the blue accented sidebar thingy.  i wonder why delino isn't wearing his pants as knickers though.  although you can't see them, you know that's how juan pierre is wearing them on his 2009 upper deck card.
this was just a sampling of the great cards madding sent.  thanks again for the trade!

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