06 July 2012

the early senator gets the bats

the scene - a desolate spring training compound where a sweaty photographer prepares to photograph baseball players for a faceless corporation from new york city.

a player approaches the props the photographer has set out to enhance the photos he hopes to take...

"why hello, tom grieve.  yes, go ahead and grab a bat while i take your photo.  i don't mind.  what's that?  why sure, take two."
"there are plenty to go around".

a short time later, after more players have been photographed

"ed stroud! how have you been?  yes, you can have the bat if i can take your photo. no, please only take one. i'm running low, as you can see".
"i should hold on to one in case anyone else comes along".


"uh, sorry mr nelson.  i know what tom and ed told you, but i'm going to need that bat back after we're done here".
"pretty please?"


[this has been a look into the grind of a baseball card photographer.  cards courtesy of reader jim.  thanks again!]


CaptKirk42 said...

Cool Post. Thank you kindly for using my Homie team as the example. :)

(took 33 years to get another one)

Play at the Plate said...

Love those sweet Senators.