24 July 2012

caught in a rubdown

at many different times, i have thought about posting a comprehensive list of cards featuring each member of the infield, or at least an inventory of the ones that i own.  i am guessing there are two or three people out there who might be interested in such posts, but i have already shown all of their base topps cards (plus a few that should have been) in my history of the infield posts.  and, if you scroll down through the labels on the right side of the blog (web version), you can click on 'cey' or 'garvey' or 'lopes' or 'russell' to see all of their cards i have posted over the past (almost) four years.  so, at many different times, i have decided against the comprehensive posts.  but, who knows? the well may run dry, and you may be on the receiving end of a 'through the years with the infield' series of posts.

until then, please enjoy the 1984 topps rubdown 'cards' below.  the first one features a smiling ron cey in his cubs gear.  he's sharing space with kent tekulve, plus an old nemesis in greg luzinski.  steve kemp gets some appreciation, which reminds me of just how bad those yankee teams were in the early 1980's.
next up, bill russell and steve garvey on the same 'card'! that's fortuitous.
looks like ropes is trying to hit a baseball off of garvey's head.  also pictured, jerry remy and george wright.  hold on a sec while i jump to baseball reference - ok, wright had a promising year in 1983 (18/80/.276) as a 24-year old, so i see why topps gave him some prime real estate on an issue with half of the dodgers' storied infield.

do you think there was any animosity on this last rubdown?
davey lopes and his heir at second base for the dodgers, steve sax, sharing space.  i recognize the lopes image from his 1985 topps card, by the way.  if i ever get around to separating out my lopes collection, i will need another one of these things. 

these rubdowns are a giant leap forward from the tattoo thingys that topps issued in prior years.  but probably not as good as stickers.  if you're in to that sort of thing.  and i guess i am, as long as there's a dodger or a member of the infield on it.

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