04 July 2012

more morales

it's another crossover post between garveyceyrusselllopes and oh my o-pee-chee today, thanks to pinch hitter extraordinaire jose morales.

his 1977 o-pee-chee record breaker card uses a different photo than the one on the topps version of the card; the version that jose signed for me through the mail a while back.
hey - the red white and blue of the expos helmet makes this a legitimate 4th of july post, right?

this was my second success with morales, having received three signed cards from him the first time around. i had him sign a second copy of his 1983 topps traded card just because.
the cool thing about this request is that morales had moved between the time i sent him the first request and this one.  i received my cards back with that yellow sticker on the envelope - his mail didn't forward - and the sticker had his new address listed.  just like if i had sent a birthday card to cousin alice  instead of some baseball cards to one of the best pinch hitters in history.

thanks jose!

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