29 May 2012

steve garvey is not a padre, but he is out of position

i recently picked up the two new steve garvey relics from 2012 topps gypsy queen - each cost about the same as a pack.  i was happy to see the gary featured as a dodger on both the regular jersey card
and the framed mini
i suppose it should be expected that they use the same photo, which appears to be a mid-1970's image, and things must have been on for garvey as he is obviously checking out a right-center gapper.  anyway, here's the back of the regular card.
same old disclaimer - not even clear that it's from a garvey jersey.  or pants, perish the thought.  the back of the framed mini is pretty much the same, except for one detail.
whoever was in charge of the copy for the mini back (and why would it be different from the regular back?) took garvey for a pitcher.

sigh.  i guess i can't be picky, though. at least my favorite player is still showing up in sets, and as a dodger, too.

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CaptKirk42 said...

Garvey is cool. I think they started using the generic "relic" so they don't have to be red faced when they admit a piece of cloth is not actually a "game used jersey" but an "event used" piece from the player's pants. There really is no way of honestly knowing that is one of many reasons I have never liked the entire "game used" "relic" whatever you call it cutting up uniforms, or bats or stadium seats or the Radio Announcer's underwear into tiny one inch squares to randomly glue onto/into 10,000 cards.